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Orchids Exhibit

We went to see Muttart Conservatory’s Orchids – Mystery and Romance and we are very happy to witness this awesome show. The exhibit highlights the stories and myths behind these beautiful and colorful plants.
IMG_9904The New Zealand Rainbow Myth. The writing says, ” A myth from New Zealand tells of the spirits being so amazed by a colorful rainbow they were moved to dance on it. Their weight shattered it into millions of colorful crystals which descended upon the barren earth. Where the crystals landed sprung forth wonderfully colored orchids.

IMG_9913Victorian Orchid Delirium. The writing says, ” These ladies dressed in their finest depict a time in Europe when orchid collecting was avidly pursued by the upper classes. Orchids brought status and prestige to those who can afford to send orchid collectors to distant lands in search of new and wonderful orchids.





see more orchids photos by clicking the links below:
Mystery & Romance: Orchids Exhibit Part 1
Mystery & Romance: Orchids Exhibit Part 2


60 thoughts on “Orchids Exhibit

  1. The amount of work it takes just to get one to rebloom indoors in Canada makes me so jealous of the tales people tell of these plants growing outside. I couldn’t even imagine. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Your photos are truly lovely…I am a great fan of orchids. My Mom raised them and I do, too. They are much hardier than people think, and reflower year after year to share their beauty time and again. Thanks for sharing and congrats on FP.

  3. I raised orchids before we downsized and understand the joy and beauty they bring to anyone who sees them. My favorite was the “Oncidium,” commonly known as the “Dancing Ladies” orchid.

    That show must have been beautiful. You photographed it magnificently.


  4. Thank you for such a lovely post! The rainbow of orchids reminds me of a waterfall…very fitting for such a grey day 🙂

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