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Fall Photos Near Home

I have always wanted to take photos of the morning scenery in my neighborhood.  Everyday my daughter and I witness these beautiful scenes while heading to the school bus’ pick-up point. School mornings are always chaotic so I always fail to bring a camera with me. But after a thoughtful reminder from my daughter, I finally got the chance.
The photo above is one of my favorite shots. This is what I see everyday walking back to the house. I love the old paint of the wooden fence and the old structure with a small chimney on the roof.IMG_9793

see more photos by clicking this link What Fall Looks Like Near Home

New Picture (10)_JPEGYou might want to buy art prints (frame is not included and used as illustration only in this blog) or purchase a royalty-free personal use download of this photo. Please click the image to view or click this link

Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend everyone 🙂


12 thoughts on “Fall Photos Near Home

  1. When I lived in Winnipeg and Regina, I always used to walk down the back-alleys when I could. They were so much more interesting than the street-view of the houses… Too bad digital cameras weren’t invented back then!

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