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Lily of the Nile


I took this photograph in Devonian’s Botanic Gardens a few months ago.

see more photos – click the images below:
IMG_6127 IMG_7400-2 IMG_6097-2


18 thoughts on “Lily of the Nile

  1. Hi Michelle, thanks for the stopping by my blog and the “like” you gave my post on the Weekly Photo Challenge: Path.

    Your photography is very nice, and well done. I often use photographs of flowers and convert them into abstract background forms for my digital collages. Check out the tag: “Flowers” as tell me what you think. If you like my work feel free to subscribe.

    I will subscribe to your blog and spend some time checking out your photographs.

  2. Botanical garden are one of my favorite places to be! Great shots, you’re very talented!

    Thanks for Liking our page and dont forget to stop by and say hi!

    Long Live Luxury,

    Vive La Luxe Team

  3. i adore your photos..i wish i could take photographs as good as you but i really need a lot of practice though being a newbie..btw, thanks for liking my post (purple beauty), coming from you i feel honored..

  4. I love the color of this flower! You will see a lot of purple on my blog. Thank you so much for “liking” my recent post. Your photographs are so sharp and colorful! I am using a digital Canon but it is not SLR. What a difference!

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