Life – Chocolate Coated Peanuts and Busted Light Bulb


I love the way my husband and daughter talk to each other. I can feel the sweetness and the nice connection they have. It is beautiful. They will start from a simple subject like a song, to science, then to their favourite TV shows. I wonder what my husband would say if my daughter asks him about boys. I just hope he does not fall off the chair or something, when it happens.


The other day, my daughter asked him to fix the night light in her room. She cannot sleep without it. I could see that she was a bit worried when the light bulb got broken. My husband was very happy for that moment because he got to be a rescuer and he was given a nice hug and kiss from my little girl as a reward. Actually, he got more than that. While he was replacing the bulb, my daughter gave him chocolates. She was really happy when the light was fixed. And they talked about how light travels, then the sun and so many other subjects related to light.


You may be thinking where the photo of the busted light bulb is. There is none. My husband threw it away just before I get the chance. And what is Patrick doing in the photo? I just want to add some colours with the night light. He is really cute and very photogenic.

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IMG_8409 IMG_8586 IMG_8434 IMG_8399


20 thoughts on “Life – Chocolate Coated Peanuts and Busted Light Bulb

  1. Very cute story about your husband and daughter. As a total nerd, I think you found a darn right stand up guy if he’s teaching your daughter about light and how it travels. As a future teacher, I can only hope to get families as wonderful as yours to support the kids I’ll have in my classroom:)

  2. No doubt that you have a very good eye for flowers and know how to create lovely pictures of them, but I fell for the pictures of the M&M’s in this post. In all the beautiful flower pictures they came as a surprise, something different – and then so well done. The colours are just eye catching – beyond the fact that M&M’s are colourful in themselves. Like in the first picture where the background colour adds that extra depth to the picture. And then the lighting in both of them which is so three dimensional, rounds around the candies with a smooth touch. And, yes, I too, enjoyed the cute story.

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