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Kerry Wood’s Wildflowers


During our Nature Walk, we spotted some wildflowers along the trails of Kerry Wood Nature Centre. I have not got the chance to include these photos in that post.

In this article, I want to share the rest of the photographs and show how pretty the wildflowers are.

see more photos by clicking this link http://www.momlovesphoto.com/kerry-wood-wildflowers.html

or visit www.momlovesphoto.com’s other other posts
(Click over image)

IMG_7018 IMG_7680 IMG_7840


27 thoughts on “Kerry Wood’s Wildflowers

  1. Absolutely wow.. is that one flower or a ‘six-in-one’?

    Through your blog, I have seen pictures of flowers that i have never seen in my life. And you make them look exquisite with your photography!!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. I am a fan of the way your frame your photos and how you come from interesting and different perspectives! I also love how you maintain and enhance the natural colours.

    very nice!

  3. Oh wow! This is stunning too! Just the right amount of vignette for my liking as well. Love the slightly muted tones. You have a great eye. With spring approaching, you’ve inspired me to go out and shoot some flowers. Bravo.

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