Views from the Railway and the Train Station


We visited Calgary’s Heritage Park the other day and photographed the amazing views near the Railway Water Tower and Laggan Station.


I love coming here because the structures are very colourful and there are different flower displays in every house.

We wanted to take the rides first but we decided to walk along the railways and we are very glad that we did. The view of the clouds and blue skies are absolutely gorgeous. There are horses inside the wooden fence which are very nice subjects. The trees, blue skies and fence are stunning combination in a picture frame.

In the first photo, my husband and daughter got a seat because they were a little exhausted from the heat and wanted to take some snacks. This scene was taken at the back of the Laggan Station and it is my favourite photo from that visit. I posted this on my Facebook account and I received very nice feedbacks. One of the best responses is this photo tells a lot of stories. For me, the story is just about a family having a great time.

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IMG_7794 IMG_7123-4 IMG_6424


8 thoughts on “Views from the Railway and the Train Station

  1. Hi Michelle, thank you for coming by my blog & liking my post on nature. If you hadn’t, i would have never got the opportunity to see your blog and the photos you have taken, that are beautiful beyond words.

    Thank you for this visual treat.

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