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Lily Flower Up Close


Lily flowers come in different colours and shapes. I like the orange and yellow lilies the most and I find the star and bowl shapes appealing. In this post, I have included close up images of its filaments and anthers. I did not know what to call those parts of the flower so I did some research and I am glad to discover good information about the Lily flower. There are so many varieties to choose from and I think a garden will be very attractive when filled with many combinations of them. I also found out that the colour lilies do not have is blue.


see more photos by clicking this link http://www.momlovesphoto.com/lily-flower-up-close.html

or visit www.momlovesphoto.com’s recent posts (click over image)
IMG_8270-5 IMG_8126 IMG_6624 IMG_8218


10 thoughts on “Lily Flower Up Close

  1. Hi Michelle!!

    Thank you so much visiting my blog & ‘liking’ my post!! 🙂

    I am INSTANTLY in love with your blog! Flowers are (so far) my favourite subject to shoot, but looking at you photos I still have a l-o-n-g way to go!! Truly beautifull… so I am not thinking twice about suscribing!!

    WoW! 🙂

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