Life – A Walk Near Home


My daughter asked me if we could have a little walk just around the neighbourhood because we have not seen much of this place since we moved here.  I guess, she’s a little bored playing Wii at home and her friends are away for the summer so there is not much for her to do. Sadly, I ran out of ideas.

My little girl enjoys photography too as she displays her captured images on her scrapbook and even place decorations and stories on them. She also loves nature and sometimes calls herself as friend of the environment. I just realized how much influence I am to her, which is great.

While walking, I told her to pick the subject. I promised her that I will do my best to photograph it beautifully and make the best composition possible. She’s very pleased with the results.

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IMG_8378 IMG_8270-5 IMG_8126 IMG_6624


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