Lake Louise Trip

After a 5-hour drive, with lots of rain and wind along the way, we finally arrived at Lake Louise. The sun was shining and there were clouds covering some of the sun’s rays when we got there. My family and I were very excited to come out of the car. I took my tripod so that we can have a family picture with Lake Louise on the background. I was extremely eager to come since it was the first time for me and my daughter to visit this place. We immediately walked the trail heading to the lake and I was surprised to find so many people visiting it. Most of them were taking photographs of their families, with the stunning lake and mountains.

Lake Louise
(click over image to see  photos in best quality)

We went to the wooden platform bordering the edge of lake. My daughter sat for a while and watched the water. I knew she wanted to take a little splash. It was a pretty spot that I did not miss to capture.

(click over image to see  photos in best quality)

I have learned that Lake Louise is a hamlet. Hamlet is a place smaller than a village. Its lake is also known to the Stoney people as the “Lake of the Little Fishes.” Lake Louise has beautiful turquoise water surrounded by astonishing mountains. The mountains have snow-capped peaks and the lake still has some ice on it. This place is so picturesque and serene that I just wanted to sit down and look.

On our way back home, we stopped at some road side turn out facilities and took pictures of the beautiful mountains. The photo shown here is the name of the mountain, its elevation and it is pointing to a specific mountain. It is very interesting.

(click over image to see  photos in best quality)

Lake Louise is a part of Banff National Park. There are so much more to see and explore when we get back. We had a wonderful time.

more amazing photos at www.momlovesphoto.com

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